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Harvest data to surface behavior-changing intelligence embedded into daily workflows to deliver the right message at the best time for greater customer satisfaction.

Meet the highly-specialized needs of life sciences

Life sciences and pharmaceutical companies are facing ever-increasing analytical challenges caused by the growing volume and diversity of available data, complex technology ecosystems and diversity of stakeholders requiring timely insights - all at a time when resources are being squeezed. Enabling fit-for-purpose Business Intelligence (BI) solutions is costly and time-consuming, and generic tools are even more challenging to configure to meet the highly-specialized needs of life sciences.

IQVIA Performance Management and Insights (PM&I) provide purpose-built life sciences BI solutions that support better decision-making for executives, multi-disciplinary brand and launch teams and field forces in all types and sizes of life science organizations. Based on our deep understanding of the data, advanced analytics and transformative technology, IQVIA PM&I solutions offer out-of-the-box functionality that meets role-specific decision support needs. And because the solutions are built in the cloud, they are flexible, scalable and responsive to ever-changing information and analytics needs.

Course correcting on a timely basis is critical

PM&I offerings are a suite of end-to-end configurable solutions that support the decision needs of a diverse set of user personas and enable the organization with enterprise-wide KPIs. IQVIA customers benefit from a modular approach that allows them to prioritize investments to address the most pressing capability gaps, reduce risk and increase speed of insights. PM&I solutions provide a robust early warning system that helps you correct course to provide better outcomes.

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Orchestrated Analytics

Orchestrated Analytics is a powerful, proven business intelligence solution that helps our life sciences clients meet a range of analytic challenges. With end-to-end capabilities to provide connected actionable insights to a diverse group of user personas, commercial leaders are empowered with timely and meaningful information for better & faster decision-making across the organization.
Orchestrated Analytics
IQVIA’s Next Best Action Solution is Honored in the 2023 Stevie Awards
We are proud to announce that IQVIA Next Best Action won a Stevie Award in the Big Data Solutions Category! This award recognizes the platform’s ability to help commercial teams precisely target high-value HCPs and engagement with embedded intelligence and actionable insights.

IQVIA named highest-positioned Leader by Everest Group

The 2023 Everest Group’s Life Sciences Sales and Marketing Operations PEAK Matrix® Assessment evaluated 17 life sciences sales and marketing operations providers serving the industry.

IQVIA was the highest-scoring provider named in the Leader category.  Click below to access the full report for more details.

IQVIA has established extensive data sets, networks, and partnerships and further augmented its technological capabilities through its OCE platform, which enables salesforce effectiveness and enhanced HCP targeting and segmentation. These factors helped seal IQVIA’s position as a Leader on Everest Group’s Life Sciences Sales and Marketing Operations PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023.

Abhishek AK
Practice Director
Everest Group

IDC MarketScape Report

IDC MarketScape Report names IQVIA as Leader in 2022 Vendor Assessment

IQVIA was recently recognized as a Market Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Life Science Sales and Marketing IT Outsourcing Services 2022 Vendor Assessment.

IQVIA believes the report emphasizes its deep life sciences domain expertise, global skilled workforce, and breadth of services, offering solutions across numerous IT functions. View the excerpt to find out how IQVIA is well equipped to support your sales and marketing teams improve speed, efficiency, and effectiveness in reaching patients and healthcare providers.

Embrace Machine Learning to do its job

Users won’t leverage insights they don’t trust. If scientists lack confidence in the technology, they will ignore its recommendations and lose out on their value.

Check out this Blog to explore how overcoming common misconceptions about machine learning among physicians and scientists can support better decision making.

Using Connected Intelligence to Improve Decision-Making

This Executive Brief summarizes the first chapter of the IQVIA Institute’s report, “Improving Decision-Making through Connected Intelligence,” focusing on the forces that demand ever-greater speed and agility in life sciences decision making.

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How Next Best Action Can Transform Decision-Making

Discover how Next Best Action turns insight into action by embedding intelligence directly into user workflows, delivering next best recommendations that empower users to take the right actions and make the best decisions.

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Social Media Intelligence for Pharma and Consumer Health

IQVIA Social Media Intelligence conducts in-depth social listening using a blend of an AI-based patient intelligence platform and human ingenuity. Our deep healthcare expertise combined with our built-in adverse event reporting helps pharmaceutical and consumer health clients derive actionable insights in near real-time that can be utilized to make effective commercial decisions across the drug lifecycle.

Track social media mentions and sentiment around your brand and your competition, monitor healthcare industry trends, early detect risk signals, identify patient engagement opportunities, and gain a better understanding of the patient journey.

Measure the effectiveness of your digital presence to inform your strategy and commercialize your products effectively.

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FlexView is an easy to use, powerful and flexible next-generation business intelligence tool for clients to access multiple data assets in a single touchpoint. Enables users to apply business rules and transform data to their view of the world. Supports the creation and collaboration of presentation-ready reporting and charts for key stakeholder decision-making.
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