Evidence Networks

Expand your evidence ecosystem.

Your research needs are always expanding, but are your data sources growing at the same pace? Connect data, technologies, analytics, and experts to broaden your options and provide mutually-beneficial collaboration opportunities with solutions from IQVIA. 

Tap into a network of networks

Collect evidence from a single real world study or across an entire ecosystem of high-quality networks. IQVIA's data sources come from relationships with hospitals, registries, healthcare providers and others groups around the world, including 

  • Hospitals
  • Emergency rooms - integrated and enriched
  • Emergency rooms and surveys – for oncology
  • Genomic alteration
  • Adjudicated and pre-adjudicated claims
  • Morbidity
  • Longitudinal prescriptions
  • Observational study and PRO
  • Social media

IQVIA provides customers with a connected network infrastructure by aggregating databases and supporting federated data networks. We then apply advanced analytics and expert insight to enable customized filtering to support your specific research and commercialization goals.

doctor assisting female patient in hospital bed

Bringing precision medicine to patients more efficiently

You can now more efficiently research and develop precision medicines targeted to smaller populations. Innovative study designs use real world evidence to supplement primary data collection and deliver savings in the range of 60-80%. Our evidence networks increase the availability of data to support these hard-to-find populations.

Our evidence networks include self-reported studies, where patients can report outcomes directly without physician involvement. And enriched studies, where secondary data is combined with study-specific primary data. These and other methods provide faster, more cost-efficient study design options that regulators increasingly recognize as valid. 

Richer evidence to enable commercial success

Regulatory standards are becoming more complex, payers are becoming more demanding and providers are becoming less available. More definitive differentiation and more precise targeting are essential to launch and post-launch success. Combined with analytics, our data networks let you strengthen your case for approval. They also support more precise insights into the providers most likely to prescribe your drug – giving you a clear view of ever more competitive markets.

Evidence networks solutions

Local relationships, global impact

IQVIA brings together data that is constantly refreshed and harmonized while pulling in new data to increase the overall clinical richness. The data stays secure at the site but puts insights at your fingertips. Our library of algorithms and machine learning capabilities power analytics to create rich, aggregated outputs that include

  • Representative patient data accessible across many U.S. and global markets
  • Therapeutic areas that include nearly every disease, including oncology, neurology, cardiovascular disease and many rare conditions
  • Enhanced collaboration with providers and health systems due to simpler evidence generation
  • Product benefit-risk profiles that can be viewed across diverse healthcare settings and patient populations

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