AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning with a healthcare IQ.

Artificial intelligence is accelerating opportunities. Realizing the benefits for healthcare requires the right expertise. Together, we can solve the problems of today, and drive the breakthroughs of tomorrow.

At the intersection of data science and healthcare

With data volume increasing exponentially, AI and machine learning capabilities are more powerful than ever. There is unprecedented potential for healthcare.

To realize that potential, you need to answer increasingly complex questions that require not only cutting-edge data and technology, but also the right expertise.

By bringing these capabilities together for you, we help make intelligent connections and deliver healthcare-grade solutions – enabling you to uncover deeper insights, meet growing demands, and make better decisions.

AI & Machine Learning - 5050

IQVIA uses AI to help customers from clinical to commercial to enhance precision, increase speed, and scale to meet evolving challenges.

  • Improve design and execution of clinical trials
  • Find correlations that enable early disease detection
  • Transform sales and marketing outcomes
  • Turn unstructured text into structured, actionable data
  • Increase automation and operational efficiencies
  • Access AI insights via scalable, secure platforms
Interview with Lucas Glass: Vice President, Analytics Center of Excellence
How is IQVIA incorporating AI/ML in drug development and overcoming adoption challenges?

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