Personalized engagement for high impact

Reach providers, patients, payers and key opinion leaders with relevant, timely, personalized communications that maximize commercial impact.

Find your "aha" moment

The pressure of running successful marketing campaigns has never been greater. Channels continue to proliferate, budgets are tight, and personalization is expected. IQVIA can help, by drawing more precise conclusions and generating deeper insights based on both your data and ours.

IQVIA provider data includes patient profiles, practice innovations, network memberships and other attributes that help you focus on key decision makers.

Our analytics, built on machine learning, creates real "aha" moments -- including which doctors are most likely to prescribe your brand, which opinion leaders are most likely to support its use, and where there may be opportunities you otherwise would have missed.

Machine learning is making promotion more personal

Machine learning has the ability to filter and organize vast amounts to quickly identify what messages work, when and for whom.

But algorithms need the right ingredients. And insights are only as good as the data and teams behind the scenes.

IQVIA brings together the data, analytics, technology and expertise necessary to identify promotional strategies that are personalized, relevant and effective. Solutions leverage

  • Deep market, customer and therapeutic expertise 
  • Behavioral and attitudinal customer analyses
  • Cutting-edge targeting and segmentation techniques
  • A range of healthcare data sources, including ChannelDyanmics and Xponent data

Decisions based on information, not instinct

The right data can help you proactively understand your audience, assess strategy and measure effectiveness. IQVIA aligns data, analytics, tools and expert knowledge based on the specific audiences and attributes of your product.

Choose channels that match your market

Whether you need to focus in or expand into global markets, our teams and solutions are built to support your brand’s geographical scope, strategic intent and partner strategy.

IQVIA supports customers with teams in more than 30 countries and a life sciences database that spans 100 markets worldwide. 

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