Drive smarter, faster trials

Unify disparate sources of data, empower CRA’s to perform high-value tasks, and proactively mitigate clinical trial risk to help drive smarter, faster trials.

Trial Management Suite (TMS)

The Trial Management Suite (TMS), part of IQVIA Technologies Orchestrated Clinical Trials (OCT) platform, is composed of several applications integrated from the start and powered by an industry leading, cloud-based platform.

The SaaS-based applications are interoperable with existing systems and are designed to help you accelerate traditional, hybrid and decentralized trials with a risk-based strategy. TMS provides sophisticated trial management and site monitoring efficiencies, reduces human error, improves subject safety and compliance, enables better decision-making leveraging advanced analytics powered by unified clinical data.

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Trial Management Suite
Discover how IQVIA Technologies Trial Management Suite can help you achieve business outcomes more effectively with increased monitoring efficiency, improved patient safety, and embedded compliance. View our full Trial Management product library of factsheets, white papers, webinars, and more.
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Efficiency + Quality

  • Manage trials with a customizable and flexible monitoring system
  • Manage all clinical data involved with trial conduct
  • Enable a positive impact on subject safety, data flow, quality and adherence
  • Increase the accuracy of subject monitoring
  • Reduce trial risk
  • Minimize administrative burden
  • Facilitate better communication among subjects, sites, and sponsors

Data Advantage + Seamless Business Process 

  • Dynamic monitoring of structured and unstructured data
  • Single platform Source Data Verification
  • Enablement of decentralized trials
  • Intuitive and automated functionality to improve data quality
  • Audit-ready clinical trials
  • Stronger partnerships between subjects, sites and sponsors
  • Interoperable solutions that connect with your internal systems and our suite of products


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