Innovate to succeed.

A new breed of therapies is entering clinical development. Make sure that your approach to drug development is as innovative as the compound you want to bring to market.

Don't just manage change, lead it

To get new results, you need to look at new tools. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning unlock new insights from a widening pool of data sources, helping you

  • Prioritize compounds in your pipeline
  • Identify patient subpopulations that will show positive results from your treatment
  • Design trials with enriched patient populations and adjust patient recruitment criteria to enhance precision and speed
  • Proactively demonstrate the value of innovation to payers, regulators and patients

IQVIA is uniquely positioned to help connect research with commercialization, so you can optimize your drug development strategy and focus your investment on the most promising compounds.

Because we don’t just deliver market data, we leverage the latest technology, advance analytics and healthcare knowledge to generate insights that enable excellence in execution from molecule to market.

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Transform your business with the IQVIA CORE

The IQVIA CORE puts IQVIA's unique, integrated capabilities at your fingertips. Our team of consultants is dedicated to healthcare and can count on the domain expertise of +1,100 medical doctors and +1,400 PhDs. Our unparalleled 60+ petabytes of unique data together with the application of advanced analytics, powered by AI and machine learning, can provide you with the insights needed to make more informed decisions.

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