See markets more clearly. See opportunities more often.

We connect the latest data, analytics, domain expertise, and technology to help life sciences organizations uncover actionable insights and maximize commercial effectiveness.

Bring precision engagement to precision medicine

Finding the right patients. Uncovering the right doctors. Supporting the unique journeys of both.

How do you respond to the challenges at hand while proactively identifying and solving for new ones?

IQVIA's integrated commercial solutions

Life sciences companies continue to witness rapid transformation of commercial models, driven by pre-pandemic trends as well as direct pandemic disruption. Those who succeed leverage the explosion of healthcare data, embrace opportunities for omnichannel engagement, and improve patient access to care. Explore:

launch strategy

When there's one chance to get it right.

There's no time to guess, and no room for error. A successful launch starts with an informed strategy that reaches for the latest in data, technology, analytics and market expertise to ensure decisions are swift and right. From the beginning.
professionals discussing work related matters

Build an evidence-based story that links price to value.

A tailored combination of evidence, value frameworks and pricing strategy is critical in optimizing your product's market access strategy around the world. IQVIA helps you connect the dots to build a strong value story for your brand that is understood by payers and providers alike.

Breakthrough insights, better decisions.

Growing your brand requires constant vigilance and agility. Decisions about when to expand, how to reach more patients, how to improve adherence all require the latest in data, analytics and market expertise. IQVIA can help you rise to the challenge.
sales person talking to group

Help providers make decisions with your brand in mind.

Targeting stakeholders with the right message at the right time dramatically improves engagement. IQVIA helps you ensure healthcare providers are getting the information they need to see where your product can improve outcomes.
doctor showing patient tablet

Putting patients first.

IQVIA helps you connect to patients, understand their needs, build long-term relationships and support better outcomes.
promotional strategy

Precise promotions. Recognized returns.

More is not always better. Maximize the value of your brand with personalized, precise, and efficient communications that choose the right channels. IQVIA can help your brand reach providers, patients, payers and key opinion leaders with relevant, timely messages.
Introducing MIDAS Disease
Get deeper insights into your disease of interest and optimize your product strategy.

With MIDAS Disease, add a disease dimension to your market analyses. Leveraging IQVIA MIDAS, hyper-segment your market and your competitive landscape by 600 diseases and 35 tumors. This will empower better data driven decision making to achieve continual business growth.

Finding new potential at every stage

At every stage of the brand lifecycle there is untapped potential to accelerate growth and surpass your competition.

Know where there is opportunity and what the best action is.

IQVIA named highest-positioned Leader by Everest Group
The 2023 Everest Group’s Life Sciences Sales and Marketing Operations PEAK Matrix® Assessment evaluated 17 life sciences sales and marketing operations providers serving the industry. 

IQVIA was the highest-scoring provider named in the Leader category.
Life Sciences Sales and Marketing Operations IQVIA

IQVIA has established extensive data sets, networks, and partnerships and further augmented its technological capabilities through its OCE platform, which enables salesforce effectiveness and enhanced HCP targeting and segmentation. These factors helped seal IQVIA’s position as a Leader on Everest Group’s Life Sciences Sales and Marketing Operations PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023.

Abhishek AK
Practice Director
Everest Group

IQVIA Connected Intelligence™

IQVIA’s Connected IntelligenceTM creates innovative, comprehensive commercial solutions for life sciences by uniquely connecting data, technology, analytics and deep healthcare expertise to make novel connections and extract predictive insights that maximize value and optimize brand potential.
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