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When it comes to Medical Information, there’s no question. It must be reliable and flexible. Throughout the product lifecycle, your team needs to rapidly and accurately handle inquiries while compliantly triaging adverse events and product quality complaints.

End to end IQVIA Medical Information services – just right for you

Whether your company is large or small--a biopharma, device maker or consumer health products manufacturer—IQVIA’s intelligent suite of AI-enabled medical information (MI) services will provide a solution that best fits your local and global requirements.

An AI-powered, tech-driven flexible approach

Rapidly provide HCPs. patients, and consumers the information they need through the channels they prefer. Gain the coverage and flexibility you require. IQVIA’s MI solutions combine a global footprint with local knowledge, operational life sciences expertise and advanced technology and analytics. Helping you maximize accuracy, efficiency and compliance across the lifecycle, around the world, 24/7/365. Easily scales to handle volume fluctuations and activity surges. Heightens user experience. Increases brand loyalty.
Delivered by knowledgeable health care professionals speaking 50 languages and underpinned by AI/NLP technology, IQVIA offers integrated MI/PV services that optimize the caller experience while providing valuable insights in real-time.

Annette Williams, R.PH, VP. Pharmacovigilance, IQVIA

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MI Contact Centers – global footprint and local capabilities

Access our proven global network across 5 regional hubs with highly skilled agents to accurately fulfill inquiries in 50 direct languages in over 170 countries. Complex requests are escalated to IQVIA’s subject matter experts or your own medical communications resources.

AI-powered Contact Centers – built for life sciences

HCPs, patients and consumers inhabit an increasingly digital-first, self-service world. IQVIA keeps you on top of their evolving channel preferences with a system seamlessly integrating digital and human interfaces, using AI/NLP and conversational AI technology. AI-powered agents work in tandem with skilled human agents to more rapidly and flexibly handle inquiries, adverse events and quality complaints, maximize global coverage, personalize engagements and improve customer service. Additionally it affords you almost infinite scalability and real-time, actionable insights.
Iqvia Human data science

Medical Information Content Creation and Maintenance

More data, sources, complexity and regulations. All point to a seismic shift in how we identify and compile medical information. Put IQVIA NLP to work for you—around the clock. Our MI Content Creation and Maintenance service rapidly scans and translates literature and other forms of structured and unstructured information. Our global team of scientific communications experts then generates the final content, applying health literacy and data visualization to convey the information for faster, more accurate responses.
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IQVIA Integrated MI / Pharmacovigilance Services

Whether you are outsourcing to access capabilities not currently available in-house or to enhance existing capabilities and create greater efficiencies, our combination of MI and safety/PV experts can provide both medical information services and full adverse event intake, case processing and regulatory submission.

IQVIA Medical Information Services

See how IQVIA’s suite of AI-powered MI solutions can help you optimize speed, accuracy and customer satisfaction.

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