IQVIA solutions and capabilities

Move your business forward and take what's possible in human health further, with offerings powered by IQVIA data, analytics, technology and domain expertise

Research and Development

From clinical trials to consulting, functional services to virtual research see how we integrate data science and human knowledge to make research faster and more efficient.

Research and development solutions

Real World Evidence

IQVIA is using vast quantities of data in powerful new ways. See how we can help you tap into information from past trials, patient reported outcomes and other sources to accelerate your research.

Real world evidence solutions


Transform your market strategy and drive precise execution with scalable resources and analytics powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Commercialization solutions

Integrated Global Compliance

Meet the challenge of changing stakeholder demands and increasing cost constraints with IQVIA's integrated technology, services and analytics-driven offerings.

Integrated global compliance solutions


Combine data-science, technology and analytics driven by artificial intelligence to support new efficiencies and business insights -- without additional capital investment.

Industry segments solutions

Innovative Models

We don’t just ask our clients to think differently. We are there too, constantly questioning the status quo and investing in new technologies and methodologies to change how things are done.

New models and methods solutions

Therapeutic Expertise

IQVIA provides specialized expertise and customized solutions across 14 Therapeutic Centers of Excellence, including oncology, NASH, pediatrics, CNS and Rare Diseases.

Therapeutic expertise solutions

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