Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

Keep up with the pace of infectious diseases

Infectious Disease research is a dynamic space requiring nimble and innovative solutions. Our team of infectious diseases and vaccines experts respond to the need for speed and flexibility through novel trial design and technology solutions that allow for real-time data delivery.

Expedited COVID protocols and proven success.

COVID may have been unprecedented, but our vaccine experience, sit solutions, systems, process, tools and support meant we were ready, and will continue to be.

Experience and expertise

It is an increasingly diverse and dynamic environment with new and re-emerging pathogens. The study of infectious diseases and vaccines is as complex as the populations and environments they impact. Timing of treatment and protection is critical for seasonal preparedness or pandemic relief.

Our global IQVIA specialized team of scientific, medical, and operational experts can design and deliver complex clinical trials by

  • Strategizing adaptive trial designs
  • Overcoming recruitment barriers and obstacles
  • Enhancing productivity at investigative sites
  • Utilizing tailored solutions to accelerate timelines without sacrificing data quality
syringe and medication vials
multichannel pipette injecting liquid into a microtiter plate

Strategies and solutions for every trial

IQVIA supports sponsors of every size and at every stage, including government and nonprofit organizations, to advance broader public health goals. IQVIA is a Global Health Clinical Consortium partner and has conducted BARDA, NIH, and CEPI funded trials. We have delivered trials in disease areas from influenza, anthrax, and Ebola to acute radiation syndrome and nerve agent countermeasures. We understand clinical development challenges and offer strategies and solutions to address your specific and unique trial needs.

When speed and agility matters

Navigating the nuances of infectious diseases requires having the right resources at the right time in order to meet critical timelines. A partner with global presence and proven record is a must. IQVIA integrates unparalleled data and transformative technology to make intelligent connections and help you

  • Identify/enroll appropriate patients, even if hard-to-find or in specific regions including China, Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East
  • Design and execute novel trial designs
  • Apply AI to enhance infection modelling to open the right sites at the right time in pandemic or seasonal indications
  • Enhance patient experience and improve data quality through utilization of decentralized trials, electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) or eConsent
  • Leverage Q2 Solutions for the latest expertise in clinical laboratory and biomarker services
  • Act quickly, expedite start up, and manage risks from research through commercialization to protect public health

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