Orchestrate better site-sponsor relationships

Increase transparency, improve communications and reduce administrative burden of your clinical trials from start to finish.
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Meet complexity with simplicity

Even for the most experienced sites, starting up a new study is notoriously inefficient and inordinately burdensome. With protocols and regulations growing in complexity, it’s harder to recruit and retain patients and getting paid takes a valiant effort. Many sites become so overwhelmed by the administrative burden that they withdraw after a single trial, further reducing the pool of investigators available for study opportunities from sponsors.

Orchestrated clinical trials digital suites

Transparency + Efficiency

The Digital Site Suite puts the clinical research site experience at the center of your studies, where it belongs. These industry-leading and award-winning clinical applications give investigators, study coordinators, and site staff the self-serve access to information and documentation they need to run trials with the highest levels of patient focus, compliance and efficiency possible.

  • Eliminate redundancies inherent in the study-start process
  • Provide complete transparency between sites and sponsors throughout the entire trial
  • Free investigator and site staff to focus on patients
  • Become a sponsor of choice

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