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Developing IQVIA’s positions on key trends in the pharma and life sciences industries, with a focus on EMEA. The Thought Leadership group regularly produces content in the form of white papers, presentations and webinars, and is available to comment on a range of topics from launch excellence to global health.

Who we are

The EMEA Thought Leadership team identifies key trends in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries and develops IQVIA’s position on these trends in EMEA.

With team members across Europe and India and a combined experience of several decades pulling from multiple fields of expertise and life experiences, the EMEA Thought Leadership team is able to develop deep insights into current and emerging trends.

We regularly produce high-quality content in the form of white papers, articles and webinars, and we can often be found presenting at high-profile conferences across our 7 major focus areas.

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Executive Summaries
A downloadable summary of all the white papers EMEA Thought Leadership has produced across all our areas of interest.


Ensuring a successful launch is perhaps the most important stage of a product’s lifecycle. Explore the pitfalls and opportunities to look out for when launching a product, alongside how the environment is changing.


Adopting the latest information and communications technologies can bring enormous benefits across pharma and life sciences. Uncover the benefits your business can unlock through technology.

Real World Evidence, Market Access & Medical

The collection of real world evidence and the involvement of medical affairs in customer engagement are becoming must-haves. Learn how these new tools can help your organisation to thrive.

Therapeutic Innovation

The health and life sciences industries are highly innovative, with new treatment-defining developments a regular occurrence. Keep up-to-date with the latest therapeutic innovations.

Healthcare Policy

Navigating a myriad of national and international government policy is a necessity for any organisation. Thought Leadership examines how to manage and leverage various policies and strategies.

Health Systems

As the frontline services providing healthcare, ensuring successful operation of health systems is vital for all stakeholders. Discover how health systems can maximise patient benefits.

Global Public Health

In an increasingly connected world and with UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 aimed at improving health outcomes, learn about the benefits of focusing on health outside the major markets.

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