Design your clinical trials with precision

Accurately predict study timelines and budgets while optimizing performance, utilizing tools that enable you to reduce design complexity, shorten clinical development cycles and improve the probability of trial success.

Orchestrate better study outcomes right from the start.

Successfully address your most critical study design decision points with the IQVIA Planning Suite – driven by IQVIA Connected Intelligence™.

Optimize development activities from protocol design, feasibility, and site selection to patient enrollment and course correction. Predict operational execution and budgeting with unparalleled accuracy. Keep your studies on track.

Design an optimal schedule of trial activities  to accurately predict and heighten study performance.

  • Better evaluate protocol design and reduce risk of costly amendments.
  • Create and compare multiple scenarios and model cost tradeoffs, reducing risk and expenditures, improving the site and patient experience and decreasing study timelines.
  • Simplify the schedule of activities by identifying and removing unnecessary trial procedures and visits.
  • Reduce site and patient burden by highlighting and eliminating barriers to participation and satisfaction.


Tap into our clean, multi-sourced, easily searchable global data repository optimize study planning and better match investigators and sites to trial objectives.

  • World’s largest and most up-to-date historical performance and Site repository.
  • Results in smarter list of sites built on an integrated view that reduces time/costs of selecting sites, avoids/minimizes non-performing sites and increases investigator engagement.
  • Inter-company and sponsor/CRO data sharing arrangements possible for heightened performance.

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More predictably plan, manage, and flexibly re-forecast patient enrollment scenarios

  • Designed to handle study complexities and multiple operating models.
  • Shortens timelines and optimizes operational execution.
  • Pressure tests CRO bids to validate enrollment feasibility.
  • Keeps you on top of study enrollment progress via real-time data feeds.
  • Provides early insights into potential risks or delays; enables rescue strategy modeling.


Employ strategic, data-driven feasibility regarding trial strategy and planning, protocol finalization, and selection of the most appropriate countries and sites.

  • Drives proven, accelerated results due to fit-for-purpose technology and automation.
  • Improves country and target site identification and information gathering.
    • Streamlines CDA negotiations
    • Drives faster survey completion and site selection process
  • Heightens investigator experience and loyalty.


Efficiently, accurately and confidently budget across all trial phases, indications and countries

  • Employ the industry’s largest, most efficient and accurate clinical budgeting tool Leverage line-item costs at fair market value to accurately build and adjust study budgets and boost compliance.
  • Leverage line-item costs at fair market value to accurately build and adjust study budgets and boost compliance.
  • Streamline, simplify and accelerate investigator negotiations.
  • Up-to-date information is continuously expanded and refreshed quarterly.
  • Standard of Care module helps avoid supplicate spending on insurance-covered procedures. View previously agreed site-level budget iterations.
  • Also available: GrantPlan for Investigator-initiated Studies (GPI), the only tool built specifically for investigator-initiated studies.


Better addressing trial delays and cost overruns means designing and planning your studies early, often and comprehensively.

Digital Planning Suite

Melissa Easy, Vice President of R&D Technology Solutions

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