Harness Connected Compliance

Connect best-in-class technology, strategic guidance, and streamlined services to drive efficiencies and business value across your entire compliance ecosystem.


Decoding Global Transparency

Join us on September 5th to learn how to easily report transparency data, and find out how real-time insights can speed up decision-making and ensure global compliance.


The Top Trends Driving Agility in Commercial Compliance

Ready to tackle evolving global regulations? Explore four key trends reshaping compliance for life sciences organizations and discover the power of Connected Compliance.

Connect People, Process and Technology

IQVIA’s intelligently connected, comprehensive compliance solutions link the disparate parts of your compliance program in more effective ways.

Harnessing the power of IQVIA Connected Intelligence™, IQVIA’s suite of compliance offerings ensures that people, processes, and technology are operating together in harmony. Leverage our technology, consulting, and managed services to gain valuable insight from data, make smarter decisions, and improve customer relationships.  Our flexible and intuitive solutions not only mitigate risk—they drive efficiencies and business value.

Promote a Culture of Compliance

IQVIA Compliance Consulting, Technology, and Managed Services team provide guidance, expertise, and resources to help life sciences companies mitigate risk in a revolving regulatory environment.

We advise you on how best to create and execute strategic roadmaps that deliver scalable and efficient processes to help you manage commercial compliance across your organization.

Commercial Compliance Consulting Services

IQVIA’s Commercial Consulting Team delivers comprehensive solutions across the entire compliance ecosystem:

  • Compliance Program Strategy, Design, and Implementation
  • Policies and SOPs
  • Interim Compliance Office Support
  • Fair Market Value
  • Auditing & Monitoring
  • Custom Consulting Guidance

Our consulting team also supports process design and optimization planning to support managed services setup and technology implementations for Transparency Reporting, Grants Program Management, Consent Management, and HCP Engagement Management.

IQVIA Commercial Compliance Consulting Services
Get insightful guidance to help create and implement efficient processes and procedures for staying compliant with industry regulations and codes.

Compliance Technologies and Managed Services

We provide global, scalable, and integrated technology platforms to efficiently manage end-to-end workflows for your compliance-driven processes.

Our Managed Services Team provides talent and expertise for business process outsourcing. Our scalable and flexible delivery model leverages best practices to deliver consistent and compliant services.


HCP/O Engagement Management

Enable compliant planning, management, contracting and payment of HCPs and HCOs globally.

Transparency Reporting

Reduce costs  by simplifying  data aggregation and reporting  to help you maintain global compliance.

Grants and Funding Management

Manage global funding requests for medical education, charitable donations, sponsorships and other grant types.

Consent Management

Manage HCP consent to enable compliance with data privacy regulations.

Explore IQVIA Commercial Compliance Technologies and Services
Want to see our technologies in action or talk about outsourcing? Schedule a complimentary demo with one of our team members to learn more.


Enhanced connectivity improves operational efficiency. Imagine a new connected ecosystem with streamlined processes that leverage data and insights from multiple sources with embedded compliance controls.


Compliance Essentials: Managing People, Process, and Technology

Check out this webinar to find out about IQVIA’s newly combined consulting team, Global Compliance Advisory Services. Our experts share information on how we can help you be future-ready and enhance your compliance action plan with outsourcing services and automation.


Strategies and insights for navigating 2023 commercial compliance priorities

What´s coming in 2023 for compliance and risk management? Review the on-demand webinar recording for insights from our experts to uncover life sciences industry trends and see how transparency data can drive valuable insights

White Paper

Accelerate Efficiency with Connected Compliance

Explore this white paper to review four dynamic key trends that are forcing compliance teams to keep pace with perpetually evolving global regulations.

Find out about the risks facing life sciences organizations as a result of rapidly transforming commercial models and discover why the emergence of Connected Compliance improves agility to help orchestrate success across the complete compliance lifecycle.

Using Connected Intelligence to Improve Decision-Making

The fourth Executive Brief based on IQVIA Institute’s report “Improving Decision-Making through Connected Intelligence” examines the multiple different critical decision points across a molecule’s life cycle that can be positively impacted.

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