Site and Investigators

Strong Site Relationships Drive Performance

IQVIA values our partnership with sites and investigators and knows the challenges they face to be successful. Our global site-centric partnerships create strategic solutions powered by data-driven insights and technology to streamline efficiency, deliver faster recruitment and create better trial outcomes.


Strategic site partnerships

IQVIA has alliances with investigators in clinics and hospitals of every size worldwide including prime and partner sites, therapeutic networks and precision site network . This global reach lets us identify the right patients - and engage the right sites - to go from insight to action.

Helping Sites and Investigators grow through innovation and collaboration

IQVIA invests in strong site relationship across all therapeutic areas and trial phases to adapt and diversify their operations by engaging investigators in comprehensive decentralized trials models and approaches. Our therapeutic, regulatory and clinical operations expertise help sponsors meet the changing needs of sites and patients throughout the trial.

We’ve helped sponsors:

  • Improve site feasibility and selection using machine learning models powered by analytics
  • Optimize site performance with resources to assist with functions like prescreening & data entry.
  • Reach beyond the site’s four walls to streamline trial needs and bring the trial to the patient.
  • Improve patient experience and data collection for better patient compliance

IQVIA Clinical Trial Educators

In today’s increasingly demanding clinical research environment, speed and efficiency have never been more critical. IQVIA Clinical Trial Educators (CTEs) can help sites operate in any environment - energizing your trials by driving recruitment, and by maintaining positive site engagement resulting in a reduction in timelines for your clinical programs. As an integral member of the study team, the CTE is  therapeutically-trained and designated to offer support wherever needed, resulting in happier, motivated, and supported site teams.

We link Sites and Investigators to clinical trials
Create your clinical studies profile once for 1/3 of global sponsored clinical trials including IQVIA’s diverse study portfolio.

Site and Investigator Resources

New to Clinical Research?

Access investigator information, support and our training guide on how to get started.

Research Experienced

IQVIA has innovative programs designed to help sites and investigators become more effective and efficient while offering patients expanded options to participate in clinical research including consumer health, health economics outcomes, virtual trials and real-world evidence studies.

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