Information Partner Services

Solutions to meet the business needs of pharmacy and wholesalers.

Address a wide variety of tactical and strategic challenges with studies and applications designed by IQVIA.

IQVIA consults with pharmacy and wholesaler partners to tackle even the toughest strategic challenges.

The IQVIA Information Partner Services team provides insights, consulting, analytics and custom applications to pharmacy and wholesaler partners so they can

  • Measure performance against benchmarks
  • Assess market opportunities
  • Analyze share of wallet
  • Understand payer and plan dynamics
  • Design, monitor and assess customer programs
  • Measure patient adherence across key star markets by geography or custom trade area
IQVIA Information Partner Services offers a variety of applications and services, including

Pharmacy Business Insights (PBI)

A web-based application designed to provide a pharmacy organization with dashboards reflecting performance across multiple dynamics, with comparisons to the marketplace.

Controlled Substance (CS) Rating

A web-based application designed to provide wholesalers and retailers with the ability to monitor potentially inappropriate use of controlled substances.

Customer Loyalty Suite (CLS)

A web-based application designed to provide a pharmacy organization with dashboard insights into customer behaviors across multiple dimensions, such as geography and therapeutic class.

Custom Analytics

Studies that address a spectrum of tactical and strategic challenges, including patient adherence, customer retention, program evaluation, and goal-setting.

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