Putting patients first

IQVIA helps you connect with patients, understand their needs, build long-term relationships to support better outcomes.

Support at every stage

From participating in clinical trials to adherence over the course of treatment, there is evidence that patients who are actively involved in their own healthcare have increased compliance, better clinical outcomes and greater satisfaction with their treatment.

IQVIA supports education, adherence and communications programs and helps change the relationship between brands and the growing number of patients who are managing chronic disease. We can help you

  • Tailor your program, by understanding the range of patient learning styles, treatment stages and preferred channels for communication
  • Positively impact outcomes, by building long-term relationships with patients and prescribers to highlight the treatment benefit and lifestyle changes that can support adherence
  • Deploy the right resources, by using the right mix of physician and patient support professionals and the communications that deliver the greatest impact to outcomes
Impact of patient support programs. 41% of patients take some degree of action in their own health when activation levels are high

Make IQVIA patient engagement programs work for your patients

As patients become more informed and empowered, patient support programs are an increasingly powerful way to enable better outcomes. Patient are more likely to

  • Exhibit healthy behavior patterns
  • Attend screenings and check-ups, and receive critical immunizations
  • Adhere to treatments

The result is often lower healthcare costs, better satisfaction with services and reduced likelihood of hospitalizations, accidents or emergencies.

Patient engagement solutions

Capabilities without capital investment

The burden of change can involve heavy costs. IQVIA lets you invest strategically in patient engagement – choosing which functions to keep in-house and which to outsource. Our capabilities include

  • Data and insights on the most effective communications channels for your brand
  • Skilled contract staff from health coaches to nurse educators to support providers and patients
  • Digital tools and resources to help you reach patients where they already get information
  • Multi-modal materials, from discussions to video to demos to inform and motivate patients with a range of learning styles
  • Predictive analytics that can identify stages in the course of long-term disease to help your brand support adherence

Our patient engagement solutions

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