OneKey HCP Reference Data

Continuously strive for accurate, current, and complete data

How much of your HCP engagement strategy is insights-driven vs inferred?

In today’s digital world, you need an insights-driven holistic view of key customers to understand how they are interconnected. To ensure precise and strategic omnichannel engagement, healthcare organizations need real-time OneKey reference data and insights for an agile approach that meets their customers where they are.

Hyper-Personalize Your HCP Engagement in Real-Time with OneKey

The foundation of an adaptive omnichannel strategy

With the multiplication of organizational touchpoints and channels, a deep understanding of customer attributes, relationships, and engagement preferences is essential. OneKey is the world’s largest and most comprehensive network of real-time HCP data, providing a multidimensional view of your customers to inform compelling, adaptive engagement. With its unmatched volume, breadth, detail, and precision, it seamlessly delivers the insights organizations need to power their strategies and downstream applications.

Empowering organizations to do more
with reference data

Differentiated attributes drive differentiated omnichannel engagement. OneKey helps you:

  • Know who is driving treatment pathways and decisions
  • See connections, affiliations and digital scientific networks
  • Determine the right audience, channel, message, and time for personalized outreach
  • Stay aware of frequent changes in HCP attributes, networks, and preferences in real-time
  • Engage in a way that is compliant and adherent to local data privacy laws
  • Seamlessly exchange and orchestrate data with partners via our universal crosswalks

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