Capturing value at scale: The $4 billion RWE imperative
Surviving and thriving in the post-pandemic world
Oct 14, 2021

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has been a watershed moment forcing the transformation of legacy business models across many industries.
The pharmaceutical industry, too, has been profoundly affected by the pandemic fallout, as health systems are reeling from severe financial pressures and continue to struggle under operational strains, while expectations of patients and healthcare professionals are being reset. The pandemic has reconfigured many care pathways, often away from the traditional clinical setting; it has forced reduced reliance on the traditional sales forces and detailing model, elevating the role of medical and remote channels; it has shown that in some cases the research and development process can happen at unprecedented speed; and it has created a backlog of urgent patient care.

However, the systematic capture of value from RWE — at scale — requires advanced planning, cross-functional execution, early engagement with external stakeholders such as payers and regulators, connecting data, technology and operations, and most importantly, making the right choices for flexibly accessing the rapidly evolving RWE capabilities and establishing an efficient and sustainable RWE funding model.

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