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IQVIA is a world leader in using data, technology, advanced analytics and human expertise to help customers drive healthcare - and human health - forward. Together with the companies we serve, we are enabling a more modern, more effective and more efficient healthcare system, and creating breakthrough solutions that transform business and patient outcomes.

About IQVIA Portugal

IQVIA Portugal develops studies that evaluate consumption and tendencies of drugs and products throughout several stakeholders: wholesalers, pharmacies, independent and mass market parapharmacies, consumers, physicians, and more. Additionally, we have technological solutions and new applications which allow analysis of different types of data. At the clinical level, our local presence is ideally positioned to develop clinical trials that promote predictable results with the goal of reaching drug approval, including demonstration of the drug’s economic value to healthcare. 

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Monthly Reports

Pharmacy Overview Portugal

IQVIA Portugal has the pleasure of sharing the Overview on the Pharmacy channel in Portugal. Discover how the sales of Prescription and Consumer Health (OTC, Personal Care, Patient Care, Nutrition) are evolving in the Pharmacy Channel. For more information you can contact us via #MercadoFarmaciaPortugal

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Publications of IQVIA Portugal

IQVIA Portugal shares its most recent publications with you. Read more about the latest market trends in Portugal on Health sector, especially in hospital and retail areas. For more information you can contact us via #PublicacoesIQVIAPortugal

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