Quality Compliance

Make quality easier to control.

Simplify compliance in an age of growing complexity. Throughout the product lifecycle, IQVIA helps you manage quality compliance with a single enterprise software solution fit to serve your entire organization.

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Close the quality compliance loop

Quality management touches virtually every area of business, from R&D and clinical trials to manufacturing and distribution. Bringing quality together on an enterprise management platform lets you work more efficiently and effectively while reducing risks and costs.

It also aligns with some of your biggest business goals – launching new products, enhancing patient safety, collaborating with partners and meeting changing regulatory requirements.

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A smarter solution

Reduce workload, risk, and cost of quality compliance. IQVIA's SmartSolve® solution can automate a single process or optimize your entire quality management system. Based on ISO 9001 standards, SmartSolve provides closed-loop functionality and integration across quality processes. 

  • Secure and scalable, it is configurable to easily manage forms and workflows
  • Extendable to automate business-specific processes
  • Built to support regulatory requirements for electronic signatures and reporting
  • IQ and OQ validation-ready
  • Available on premise or as a cloud solution

The business case for quality management goes beyond preventing errors. It’s about achieving our strategic goals… harmonizing quality and compliance across division processes and sites for global quality.

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Link quality and business strategy

Managing quality and compliance functions separately makes it difficult to set a consistent standard. Yet all too frequently, quality and compliance are managed in silos.

As a drug or device moves from concept to actual use by a patient or provider, quality plays a role in every phase of the product lifecycle. Connecting quality management with other enterprise information helps your organization embrace a culture of quality, so vitally important for getting things right quickly the first time. It also helps drive efficient communication and collaboration, harmonizing a broad range of key processes -- including corrective and preventive action (CAPA), audit management and supplier quality management.

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Improve performance and lower costs

A connected, secure and cloud-based quality compliance system delivers better results at lower cost across your organization.

  • Eliminate inefficient or duplicative processes
  • Facilitate collaboration with partners and boost consistency
  • Accelerate regulatory approvals and simplify global quality control
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GxP-focused professional services

Guide your business in making quality decisions at every step. IQVIA offers professional services in quality systems, process optimization and technology deployment. Our cross-functional consulting teams have deep expertise in:

  • Computer System Validation (CSV) and Computer Software Assurance (CSA)
  • Quality Process Improvement
  • System Design and Implementation
  • Training and Technical Services

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