Harness the true value of your data

From clinical to commercial, deliver intelligence you can trust to streamline global operations and accelerate digital transformation.

Simplify the journey from data to insights

From data strategy to insights engines, and configurable to any data source, IQVIA’s Enterprise Information Management (EIM) suite of offerings and services provides the right foundation for you to become more data driven, agile and strategic.

  • Purpose-built for healthcare to streamline accuracy, consistency, and completeness of data
  • Utilize flexible, pre-built analytics templates that accelerate time-to-insights
  • Seamlessly consolidate data across multiple domains to enhance omnichannel engagements, regulatory compliance, and business agility
Modernize data and analytics capabilities

Data excellence at scale demands an end-to-end ecosystem of interoperable solutions that span data sourcing to behavior-changing intelligence.

IQVIA's connected ecosystem spans across our healthcare data network, data integration tools, pre-built analytics templates, and outsourcing services that work in concert to drive your commercial transformation forward.

Explore the full spectrum of capabilities to ease digital transition and drive sustainable success.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Modular by Design. Interoperable. Purpose-built for Global Healthcare Data.

Information Management Strategy

Information Management Strategy Solutions

  • Data Landscaping
  • Data Strategy & Acquisition
  • Data Quality Solutions
  • Data Privacy Advisory
  • Data Governance Advisory

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Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Data Sourcing Solutions

  • Data Centralization & Delivery
  • Data Modeling
  • Cohort Building Platforms
  • Federated Data Sourcing
  • Data Marketplace

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Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Data Integration Solutions

  • Specialty Data Integration
  • Data Warehousing
  • MDM & Data Bridging
  • Data De-Identification
  • Natural Language Processing

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Integrated Data Platform (IDP)

Master Data Management (MDM)

Information Management Services Solutions

  • Data Governance & Stewardship
  • Staffing Augmentation
  • Outsourced PMO
  • Outsourced Analytics
  • Operational Services

Insights Engine Solutions

  • Next Best Intelligence
  • Patient Journeys
  • Reporting & Analytics Tools
  • Data Science Workbench
  • Algorithm Libraries

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IQVIA Next Best Intelligence

Performance Management & Insights


Harness the True Value of Your Healthcare Data

Navigating the network of data across a global organization has numerous complexities. With the right guidance, you can ensure the data you acquire aligns with your goals and delivers the insights your business needs.

Discover in this eBook how information management increases accuracy of your data for faster time to insight.

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