Real World & Health Data Sets

Harness the power of Real World Data

Finding the right information for your study is critical but can be overwhelming and tedious. IQVIA makes it easier by bringing a combination of unparalleled clinically-rich data, advanced analytics and human knowledge throughout the clinical development pathway. Studies can start sooner. Drugs can get to market faster. Safety can be firmly established. All while privacy is protected.


RWD can be leveraged to generate insights throughout the product lifecycle

Real World Data can be used for many different objectives across the drug development lifecycle from development to after commercialisation. This data may be of relevance to optimize clinical trials via more efficient site and patients identification, to understand the disease landscape, to enrich context for market access, to follow-up long term safety and drug utilization patterns, and support commercial analytics.

One data source may not fully answer a question, therefore a combination or enrichment of data assets may need to be envisaged.

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