IQVIA NLP Platform

Insights are trapped in mountains of text. NLP sets them free.

IQVIA NLP unlocks and transforms your data, at scale, from bench to bedside. Our leading natural language processing platform is used by 19 of the top 20 pharma, as well as healthcare organizations and government, to uncover previously hard to reach information or replace manual extraction. Discover the true potential of your data with IQVIA NLP.
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NLP that is proven

Used by 19 of the top 20 pharma, leading healthcare organizations and US FDA. Our NLP-driven enterprise platform allows users across the product lifecycle to search and transform unstructured text into structured information and metadata. The result? Rapid, rich and actionable insights that unlock answers to your most pressing bench-to-bedside challenges when you need them.

What can NLP do for you?

NLP not only reads documents for you, but also extracts and normalizes valuable insights, like key facts and relationships, in response to normal search phrases and queries. Hours-long tasks are reduced to minutes, and richer intelligence translates to an enviable competitive advantage.

  • Connect your sources: Queries can run simultaneously across multiple diverse data sources, whether they're located locally, in the Cloud, or elsewhere.
  • Straight to the answer: Our NLP platform instantly delivers high value knowledge summarized with drill down to supporting evidence and easy visualizations.
  • Interactive: IQVIA’s NLP platform delivers rapid, transparent, structured results that allow you to easily refine queries on-the-fly.
  • Flexible web services: Restful Web Services give programmatic access to the NLP extraction functionality. Users can create new, customized interfaces tailored to different types of use and specific projects.

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Spending a couple of hours with [IQVIA NLP] saved us around $40,000, by not investing in a project that would have had a negative outcome and wasted money. The answer was already buried in the existing literature but not found using a conventional search-engine-based analysis.

NLP Interactive Extraction

Develop in-house NLP queries and automation

NLP Data Factory

Extract and enrich documents at enterprise scale

NLP Insights Hub

Join siloes, surface insights and spark innovation


Seamlessly structure and gain insights from your biomedical data

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