See the impact of treatments more clearly.

Understanding the overall value of treatment requires analysis from many perspectives. IQVIA provides detailed, accurate information and advanced analytics designed specifically to healthcare and therapeutic areas to supplement your own insights.

Transforming data into actionable outcomes

New treatments coming to market put additional pressure on already tight budgets. Patient needs are growing and they expect better service from their treating hospitals and physicians. You need data you can rely on, which is why IQVIA pulls key data points that allow you to track, measure and monitor clinical performance with real world insights, allowing you to turn data into actionable outcomes.

Spot key trends

Better understand key cost drivers, population outcomes and areas for improvement with access to the world’s largest independent, curated source of health plan claims and prescription data.

Gain the insights you need to help drive improved care and health - at a lower cost

Embrace new technology

Improve provider performance monitoring and inform key decisions through advanced analytics, predictive modeling, and adaptable technology platforms.

See the big picture

Monitor wider patterns of prescription dispensing and treatment, so you can forecast more accurately. Tap into longitudinal databases that shed light on non-identified prescription fills, medical visits or consumer activity.

Risk Mitigation

Identify steps toward risk mitigation and help improve patient safety. 

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