Innovation Hub

Innovations make an impact when bold ideas meet powerful partnerships

The IQVIA Innovation Hub connects start-ups with the extensive IQVIA network of assets, resources, clients, and partners. Together, we can help lead the future of healthcare.

An ambitious mission

To realize the unprecedented opportunity for technology in healthcare, IQVIA is establishing strategic partnerships with innovative companies that want to make an impact across the healthcare ecosystem.

  • Our partners can reach new customers, demonstrate tangible results for stakeholders, and realize new potential.
  • Customers benefit from differentiated solutions that connect trusted capabilities with emerging technologies. This fusion enables improved delivery experiences and outcomes.
  • And for the patients we all serve, we strive to get treatments to market faster, enhance disease management, and improve the patient journey through novel digital solutions.
We are committed to fueling ever-growing innovation in healthcare. We are looking for pioneering start-ups to join us – connecting forward-thinking ideas, technologies, data, and people into transformational solutions that drive positive impact for patients at scale.



Accelerate your technology. Expand your business.

IQVIA is looking for healthcare technology startups that want to work with us to propel healthcare forward. Areas where we are actively seeking partnership include patient engagement, remote monitoring, decentralized clinical trials, telehealth, behavioral health, and diagnostics. We also welcome a dialogue with pioneering start-ups outside these areas.

Together, we can speed clinical development, enhance commercialization, and put digital health into action.
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