full write-up</a>. To discover further benefits of SmartSolve eQMS on <a href=https://www.iqvia.com/blogs/2023/04/"~/link.aspx?_id=02B6116C30094364A1B8EE76D65C5E8A&amp;_z=z%22>our site</a>.</em></p>" /> full write-up</a>. To discover further benefits of SmartSolve eQMS on <a href=https://www.iqvia.com/blogs/2023/04/"~/link.aspx?_id=02B6116C30094364A1B8EE76D65C5E8A&amp;_z=z%22>our site</a>.</em></p>" />
IQVIA's SmartSolve eQMS platform Earns 2023 Frost & Sullivan Award
Kari Miller, Sr Director, Offering Management
Apr 07, 2023

In order to handle today's regulatory challenges and the complexity of quality compliance and the pace of business changes, legacy quality management systems (QMS) and point solutions lack comprehensive functionality. The importance of a quality system cannot be overstated for improving product quality, ensuring patient safety and maintaining regulatory compliance. To have a mature, compliant and commercially focused quality system, organizations need an integrated, harmonized approach.

  As part of IQVIA's commitment to driving technology innovation in the life sciences industry, we are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Frost and Sullivan’s Enabling Technology Leadership Award for QMS Market in 2023.

As one of the world’s leading analyst firms, Frost & Sullivan recognized IQVIA’s SmartSolve enterprise quality management system for its unique ability to address the needs of life sciences companies in quality management. With Frost & Sullivan’s Enabling Technology Leadership Award, companies are recognized for using technology in new ways to elevate customer experiences and improve existing products and services. During the evaluation process for each award category, Frost & Sullivan examines multiple nominees by evaluating best practices criteria across two dimensions for each nominated company.

Connected, intelligent, compliant: An eQMS that simplifies quality compliance

With IQVIA's SmartSolve platform, quality becomes a central hub for continuous improvement. Through the integration of its Vigilance Platform for Safety, RIM Smart Platform for Regulatory and SmartSolve's platform for Quality, IQVIA is the first to offer intelligently connected, cross-functional integration of safety, regulatory, and quality processes to streamline process management and optimize professional time focused on customer, commercial, and compliance activities. In these applications, AI algorithms use machine learning (ML), optical character recognition (OCR), and natural language processing (NLP) to quickly understand all types of structured and unstructured data.

With SmartSolve's eQMS platform and software solutions designed specifically for life sciences, organizations can easily automate one activity or optimize their entire quality management system, regardless of the industry. In addition to eliminating redundant activities, IQVIA eQMS will facilitate collaboration, accelerate regulatory approvals and simplify global control. Over one million people use IQVIA eQMS to meet the highest quality standards. This is possible thanks to IQVIA's Connected Intelligence™, an innovative, interconnected approach that improves accuracy, speed and compliance by driving operational efficiencies.

With SmartSolve, life science companies can improve quality, boost regulatory compliance, accelerate time-to-market and minimize risk. As the global environment changes rapidly, quality managers must manage complex processes and resources in a timely manner while ensuring compliance with strict deadlines. As a continuous improvement platform for manufacturing, distribution, and sales, SmartSolve eQMS streamlines quality compliance management and helps businesses achieve their "go-to-market," "grow-in-market," and "stay-in-market" objectives. A quality system, which is at the center of continuous improvement, can help establish a customer-centric culture by eliminating siloed systems, harmonizing them, reducing costs, and enabling informed, data-driven decisions. With SmartSolve, companies can deploy and optimize an eQMS.

IQVIA offers professional services with expertise in quality systems, processes, and regulatory insight to organizations that need assistance optimizing their QMS processes or deploying technology. Based on the organization's specific needs and complexity, they provide tailored deployment. They have extensive experience deploying and supporting technology and regulatory processes in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, as well as within other industries. Support services include process harmonization, solution design, integration and data migration, project management, collaboration, testing, validation and go-live support.

Through intelligent, cross-functional integration of safety, regulatory and quality, IQVIA SmartSolve simplifies global life science process management and execution. SmartSolve provides the most comprehensive closed-loop process integration available, whether you are automating one process or optimizing your entire quality management system. With this platform, your organization can maintain regulatory compliance while maintaining continuous improvement. Together with IQVIA Vigilance Safety and RIM Smart regulatory management, it becomes a true powerhouse of connected intelligence.

To learn more about why IQVIA Smart Solve was chosen as best in class in the North American QMS market for the life sciences industry, read the full write-up. To discover further benefits of SmartSolve eQMS on our site.

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