Clinical Trial Payments

Increase site satisfaction with 30-day payments

Reduce the high cost of administering site payments and give sites confidence.

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Meet these clinical trial challenges head on

  • High cost of disjointed site payment administration
  • Paying sites reliably in every country
  • Providing self-service cashflow data to sites
  • Maintaining and documenting compliance
  • Achieving accurate financial reporting
  • Optimizing financial levers such as VAT
  • Timing the funding for site payments

Clinical Trial Payments

Pay your sites in 30 days as promised, consistently and transparently, all while freeing your resources for higher-level work. IQVIA Technologies' Clinical Trial Payments is a tech-enabled service offering, independent of IQVIA CRO services, that takes away the burden of making payments to sites around the world. We apply our skilled financial and technology integration teams, best practices and global reach to solve a persistent industry problem that software alone cannot handle.

The ROI of IQVIA Site Payments
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Sponsors of all sizes and specialties trust IQVIA Technologies to make nearly $2 billion in payments each year, spanning more than 70,000 sites in 110 countries.

The most advanced site payment solution available

  • Fully integrated system to track and administer electronic site payments
  • Ability to handle challenging countries, providing a truly global solution
  • Centralized dashboard with robust data and reporting
Do you know how much your current payments are costing you?
Whether managed internally, using a payments provider, or relying on a CRO, most organizations that sponsor clinical trials underestimate the costs to make global payments to sites by as much as two to three times. Are you aware of all the costs?

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