Forecasting & Franchise Strategy

Discover your forecasting solution to drive better strategic decisions

Anticipating the future is a complex but critical task for life sciences companies. Your forecasting process and franchise strategy are crucial to manage a quickly changing market and to ensure you’re making the best decisions for your products. At IQVIA, we’re here to help you manage the continuously growing streams of forecast data, leverage new technologies and collaborate in unison across your organization.

We understand your forecasting frustrations…

As the healthcare and technology landscape continually evolves and new information becomes available, forecasting brings many unique challenges. We understand them because we’re focused solely on this industry and its unique forecasting challenges. At IQVIA, we can help you

  • Break free from the cycle of forecasting frustration
    • Constantly updating your forecast with new data can be time-consuming. Our tools help you overcome this by performing many of the manual forecasting steps for you, so you can focus more on insights and strategy.
  • Speed up the process
    • The forecasting process can be slow and complex. With our powerful machine learning and advanced analytics, we can speed up analysis time so it takes you minutes, not hours, to get the answers you need.
  • Manage the data dump
    • The age of big data doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our wide range of offerings help you find the right data for your forecast. And our technologies allow you to process and update new information quickly and efficiently.
  • Advance beyond a single set of forecast numbers
    • Many forecasters struggle to consider alternatives and scenarios since the math can be complex. With our forecasting technology, you can handle uncertainty in healthcare forecasting by leveraging predicative analytics to turn raw data into actionable insights.
  • Develop a transparent and consistent methodology
    • Current forecasts are often ‘black boxes’ that are prone to error. Our proven forecasting approach has helped life sciences clients improve the transparency, quality and accuracy of their forecasts by focusing on the patient journey, real world data, and better market insights.

… And provide the solutions to help you overcome them

With our comprehensive set of solutions, we have commercial forecasting offerings for all phases of the product lifecycle and business decisions.

Whether you’re looking for a fully developed forecasting platform, a commercial tool to look at markets, analogues to support your own forecasting, support developing a bespoke model or turn-key forecast management, we have a solution for you.


At IQVIA, we have 30 years of experience in developing global market forecasts across a broad range of therapy areas including oncology, cell and gene therapy, orphan diseases and many more.

We have the largest data assets and the most powerful tools to drive insights for forecasting – helping you to answer more questions across your business and turn the numbers into actionable insights.

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