An eCOA solution built for you. Designed for your patients.

Fast, flexible and proven, IQVIA’s industry-leading electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) platform ramps up efficiencies, delivers real-time data, and sharpens insights through best-in-class technology and a better patient experience.
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Improve data quality. Accelerate clinical trials.

Assessments run on devices patients already know and use. Collect clean, reliable, direct-from-patient data that is ready to use in real time across your clinical workflows.

Explore how IQVIA eCOA can help you improve speed and agility with transformative technology to accelerate delivery of new treatments and vaccines to global markets faster.

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75% Faster Trial Start Up

Save valuable time at start up with pre-built and easy-to-modify assessments.

Get real-time patient data and insights sooner to improve decision making and accelerate deployment.

Drive efficiency and accelerate trials with autogenerated regulatory and project documentation.

Leverage the industries largest digital assessment library.

IQVIA eCOA Sculptor and the Scribe App

Sculptor allows sponsors to create diaries

The Sculptor tool accommodates robust reporting and integration. It’s dynamic and fully customizable and can be modeled on multiple devices in real time.

Protocol changes can be made centrally to patient assessments and deployed automatically to all participants. This helps you reduce risk and study delays.

Participants use the Scribe App to add diary entries

The Scribe App increases compliance and enhances the patient experience. It’s intuitively designed for Android or iOS using consistent features available online or off.

Whether with a provisioned device or bring your own device (BYOD), Scribe updates studies without requiring patients to download an updated app.

IQVIA and Palvella Therapeutics: Why IQVIA?


Custom eCOA library reduces oncology program timelines by 50%

Discover how a large oncology sponsor created a customized eCOA library to collect accurate, daily reported patient data across 13 countries. There was no room for error to ensure each input could ladder up into one resolution.

IQVIA eCOA enabled the sponsor to create eight new COA instruments, manage 27 languages and obtain all the necessary validations and licenses to accelerate the successful outcome of this vital oncology trial.

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